Quantum Tech in Healthcare vs. Tesla, SpaceX and Robotic

Over the past 12 months, I've watched in amazement as Tesla, SpaceX, AI, Robotic as well as Quantum Tech in healthcare are rapidly changing our world. It is fascinating and terrifying at the same time! With this post i like to sensitize you on the potential of Quantum Tech in Healthcare, a still unknown technical development that should spread faster.


Incredible speed in our world

It's amazing how fast the whole industry is changing, and things that we saw in science fiction movies just a few years ago are real and fundamentally changing our world.

But honestly, I have some questions about that!
  • We want to travel to Mars, but we can not keep peace in the world
  • We build robots, but we still have no answer to the question what man will do in the future
  • We invest billions in diet pills, but we can not feed the world yet
  • We see how the health insurance costs explode, but do not apply existing "game changer"


Recognize Quantum Tech in healthcare

We rid patients of herpes on a website with Quantum Tech activated healing codes !!! Is not that wonderful?

I would also like to see that the topic of quantum tech in healthcare gets as much media attention as the hype topics Tesla, AI, medically applied marijuana, and what they are called. Quantum tech in healthcare has massive potential and I would like to raise awareness a little more today. Imagine that there is a new kind of herpes treatment, that offers pain relief in 24 to 48 hours and the effective wound healing takes place after 48 to 72 hours. Is this not impressive?

SpaceX - First launch of Falcon Heavy rocket expected in January 2018

The Elon Musk company SpaceX has revolutionized rocket construction in recent years, with an incredibly simple approach to getting carriers to land missiles, saving more than 80% of their costs.

That's actually no Rocket Since 🙂 We also use airplanes and cars more than once ...

After a few false starts, the technology could be perfected and now stands the launch of the Falcon Heavy Rocket, a 65-ton monster at the door. Take some time for this video, this is really high tech ...

It begs me to wonder what NASA has been up to in the past 50 years, when a novice in the industry can completely shake up the market in such a short time.

Above all, it also shows that innovation never ends and evolution never stops. The often heard criticism of Elon Mask that we do not have enough electricity


Quantum tech in healthcare

This is also true in other industries, quantum tech in healthcare as an example is probably the same or even more significant technology of the future. One may even ask, what will the world in the next few years help more, in view of the exploding health insurance cost. Innovations are needed to revolutionize this market as well. Quantum tech in healthcare as well as other areas is an absolute "game changer".

The general mind set is still, that there is no treatment for herpes. The use of quantum tech in healthcare has proven to be a game changer in this disturbing illness. Herpes with the high infection risk can be treated effectively and fast, end pains and initialize wound healing in less than 72 hours.

Incredible development of Boston Dynamics

Only two or three years ago, robots could only inspire in Since Fiction films. The real technology stand was more like laughter. But how today in 2018 the robots of Boston Dynamics Sport operate or even run through a forest is already very impressive and almost scared. If we realize that most likely large parts of the budget from the army will be provided, that raises the question.

An airplane full of little killer drones

Recently, I've seen a video where a plane throws off thousands of small killer drones, eliminating AI and face-sensing driven people in a defined target area. This was not a Since Fiction Movie, this was a presentation of a company that now offers the drones for sale.

The audience has clapped!?!

Elon Musk, who wants to make sure with the OpenAI project that the robots will not eliminate us in the future, seems appropriate in view of the development and should be supported.


Unconditional basic income must come

Also, it is becoming increasingly clear that robots will take over more and more of our jobs because they will simply run them better, more accurately and of course cheaper. An unconditional basic income seems almost inevitable to me in the future. The world is really in fast change.

Have you heard of quantum technology in healthcare?

Probably not ... or is it? Are we missing a media god like Elon Musk for quantum technology in healthcare?

Quantum Tech in HealthcarePersonally I am very interested in quantum technology in health care, since I have been working on it intensively for several years now and together with the researcher and developer Peter Baumann developed the website https://herpes-no.com on which we treat all herpes types HSV-1, HSV-2, VZV and EBV using quantum technology.

Since herpes has a very high risk of infection, we have also developed a treatment for COUPLES and FAMILIES. This ensures that the herpes can not spread in the partnership or family or new infections can take place.

YES, you have heard right, we cure herpes on a website and extremely efficient!

When I first met Peter Baumann, the developer and inventor of these healing codes in his practice, I had to swallow empty. With an absolute self-assurance, he found me after a short diagnosis by means of the so-called Bi Digital Resonance Diagnostics that I have a herpes.

He then told me that he will now show off this herpes with CODES DISPLAYED ON A SCREEN. And that's exactly how it happened !!!


This was my first experience with quantum technology in healthcare

My herpes was history after two days and this was the start of a great collaboration. Since August 2017, there is now the website Herpes-No.com, on which herpes victims in self-service procedures can make herpes the end.

Do you suffer from herpes?

Start the treatment NOW in 5 minutes online and use Quantum Tech in Healthcare the first time

Since the Herpes-No.com treatment takes place completely online, you can start the treatment immediately within 5 minutes and the herpes pain relief and healing starts immediately. This is the power of Quantum Tech in Healthcare and by Tomorrow you will feel better.

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