Our Herpes Mission

Since 2006, we have been working on this new non-invasive technology of herpes treatments. Our Herpes Mission aims to provide a clean and effective treatment for herpes.

A team of doctors, biologists, physicists, computer scientists, electronics engineers and other scientists have developed a new treatment form together.

It is now time to make our technology accessible to the public

During these years, we were able to gain valuable experience with this technology on 5 continents. More and more therapists are working on this technology in their practices. We are pleased to make this form of therapy available to the public.

We are economically, politically and religiously independent of any interests. With the proceeds from Herpes-No.com, we are funding further research in quantum technology. Ten percent of our sales are donated to aid projects we personally know.

At the moment, more than ten percent are donated to the Kenyan water project Maji Yangu, see http://maji-yangu.com/. Further projects we would like to co-finance are in the clarification.

Our Herpes Mission

Over the past 10 years, we have been gaining experience with herpes-No.com treatments for small as well as severe herpes infections. Since our technology works with "almost" all people with herpes infections, it is a pleasure for us to offer the affected ones an innovation. The Herpes-no.com technology is to be made accessible to all.

The future gold standard for herpes treatment

We can well imagine the understanding of self-healing with quantum technologies from science, and then from school medicine, that our method is the gold standard of herpes treatment.

Our Herpes Mission covers all herpes types. HSV-1, HSV-2, VZV and EBV can be treated with Herpes-No.com.

What we expect from you

Let's look back 200 years, since the first bike was invented.

If at that time someone had presented mobile phones, with which one could even write and photograph, this would surely have been designated as erroneous.

But 175 years later in the year 1992 the first GSM-enabled mobile device from Motorola was manufactured in the USA, that is, only 25 years. Today the technology has established itself in every household.

Simply try to accept our innovative technology!

We from Herpes-No.com use a technology which stands at the very beginning of its development. The fact that our quantum physics-based technology does not fit into the scheme of the still valid science, many so-called non believers or capacities will oppose our technology. Since every science is constantly in the process of "science," the critic should seriously deal with this technology before he can form an opinion. In order to get a factual opinion, the critic should, according to our guidelines, best after the double blind test some herpes cases, arranged according to the 4 categories ordered. After that one is able to give a factual opinion. Everything else is just a personal opinion, but has nothing to do with the reality of the science of herpes-No.com.

Of course, we accept personal opinions and take them seriously. By the way, in the treatment with Herpes-No.com technology there are no side effects, as well as other disorders, see Herpes-No.com technology.