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Herpes zoster, Varicella zoster virus (VZV)

The herpes zoster, Varicella zoster virus (VZV) or human herpes virus 3 (chickenpox=varicella) is the trigger of shingles.

Zoster virus (VZV) infection usually results in a lifelong immunity

herpes zoster

The viruses are transmitted through airway droplets very easily from human to human, so the name comes from chickenpox. Varicella zoster virus (VZV) infection usually results in a lifelong immunity against chickenpox (varicella). The viruses survive after an experienced windpox infection in the body.

Varicella zoster virus rash can cause severe nervous pain

The varicella zoster virus (VZV) can reactivate due to stress situations or a weak immune system, often migrate to the skin surface in older persons and cause a painful rash in a limited skin area. These are then called beltrose (herpes zoster). This herpes zoster rash can cause severe nervous pain.

VZV multiplies in the lungs, and causes a wide variety of symptoms. After the primary infection (chickenpox), the virus goes dormant in the nerves, including the cranial nerve ganglia, dorsal root ganglia, and autonomic ganglia. Many years after the patient has recovered from chickenpox, VZV can reactivate to cause neurologic conditions.

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Herpes zoster

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Difficulty levels of Varicella Zoster Virus

How can the level of difficulty be described? We take a look at the severity levels of the zoster virus.

You get all the information needed to successfully treat the zoster virus:

Varizella zoster virus (VZV)

(chickenpox and shingles)

An infection with the zoster virus, also called chickenpox, should be treated with Herpes-No.com only after 6 days of illness. The body needs the opportunity to build up immunity against recurring incidents of chickenpox.

Again: No treatment for chickenpox before 6 sick days!

With shingles you should

If complications occur in chickenpox, it is possible in most cases to treat these with naturopathic agents. In the premium package, patients receive practice-proven recommendations for the treatment of chickenpox.

Nine out of ten people fall ill after contact with the virus

The Zoster virus is a highly infectious virus. Nine out of ten people who have not yet had chickenpox fall ill after having come into contact with the virus. Only ten minute long exposures are enough for people with low immune systems to get infected. Much  healthier people become infected with a contact time of an hour.

Anyone who has been suffering from chickenpox usually has lifetime immunity against the virus and therefore does not suffer a second time. Recurrent infections only occur if the first infection was very early in life or very weak, in such cases in can develop a second time.

Zoster virus can become active again as shingles

However, since the zoster virus can become active again as shingles after a just few years to several decades, it makes sense to take the Herpes-No.com treatment 6 days after experiencing chickenpox. The treatment usually takes 3 days, in the morning and in the evening, for at least 10 minutes per session. This process is automated in the Herpes-No.com treatment platform.

In the case of a fresh outbreak of shingles, it is usually sufficient to treat Herpes-No.com for a few days. Three treatments per day have proven to be effective.

Zoster virus treatments run 3 times / Day, fully automated

If the Herpes-No.com treatment is used only after days or weeks of a shingles eruption, the therapy recommendation is 3 treatments per day. If after two days no significant improvement in the eruption or pain occurs, the immune system is over strained and needs additional accompanying therapy. How ever, the zoster virus service is running automated over a period of 4 Weeks to strengthen the immune system of the patient.

Consider our premium packages in intense cases

In the premium package, different remedies are suggested to actively support the immune system during the healing process. The recommendations in the premium package have proved themselves in the practices and are easy to understand. Is herpes curable? Yes, of course it is.

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