Learn everything you need to know about herpes simplex type 1 or also called lip herpes (fever blisters) and how it can be treated using the new kind of quantum tech herpes treatment on this website.

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Herpes Simplex Type 1 (fever blisters)

The most common herpes virus of herpes simplex type 1 is mainly responsible for infections on the face like the fever sheets.

The first infection is usually harmless and asymptomatic, or it is associated with fever and inflammation of the oral mucosa.

The second or later infection, herpes usually affects the lip region

Herpes simplexIn the case of second or later infection, herpes simplex usually affects the lip region, the well-known lips herpes emerges. It manifests itself in small vesicles or purulent-bloody crusts in the mouth region and the nasal inlet. In general, the course of a later infection is less pronounced than during the initial infection.

Herpes simplex type 1 is also the trigger for infections on joints, hands, feet, eyes and brain. It can occur in all parts of the body.

The Helper-One diagnostic technique can identify the herpes infection

Medically, the infections that typically do not occur on the lips and nose are often not recognized. Apart from the Helper-One therapy and diagnostic technique, it is easy to identify the herpes.

Without assistance, the immune system can't eliminate the pathogen

After a first infection the viruses remain in the body for a lifetime, since the immune system can not eliminate the pathogen without help. The virus and remain latent in the ganglion cells. The favorite place is the region of the coccyx. Once you have infected, the viruses will not get rid of, unless the body is treated with the Herpes-No technique.

The immune system is selectively modulated so that the herpes can eliminate itself.

About 70-90% of the population carry the herpes simplex virus HSV-1. Herpes is transmitted by mucous membrane contact (genital, anal, oral), by contact with infected skin, droplet infection and by lubrication infections e.g. Kiss or common dishes

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Difficulty level of herpes type 1 (lip herpes)

How can the level of difficulty for lip herpes, cold sores, oral herpes be described?

We take a look at the severity level and you get all the information needed to successfully treat it:

Herpes type 1

(oral herpes, lip herpes, cold sore, fever blister)

The herpes type 1 on the lips, nose, eyes or mouth is usually the easiest herpes type to treat. Usually one treatment with Herpes-no.com for at least 10 minutes is sufficient. If the Herpes-No.com treatment is used immediately at the beginning of a herpes outbreak, in most cases the further treatment is unnecessary.

The early symptoms of the outbreak disappear within hours. The inflammation and the herpes related pains subside usually very quickly within 24-48 hours and the crusts and herpes related wounds also quickly recede. We recommend not to use the antiviral medication for the health care provider.

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