Herpes Type 1 Cure – End Lip Herpes Outbreaks the Lasting Way!

Whit our Herpes Type 1 Cure, you can treat fever blisters, cold sore and oral herpes. Choose one of the following options depending on your needs and what you like to achieve. For lasting results and a boost of your immune system, we recommend the standard subscription for at least 3 Month or on a permanent base. This will reduce the risk of reinfection and permanently hold your immune system on a better level.

  • Standard subscriptions are running over a period of 3 Month, automatic renewal, lasting results
  • 21 Day services are meant for the cure of a one time herpes outbreak
  • Services for Singles, Couples and Families are available to protect your loved ones
The automated herpes type 1 cure will start immediately after the successful booking!