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After serving our customers for more than 5 Years successfully here at Herpes-No.com, we are excited to present you with the highly improved NEXT GENERATION of Herpes Treatment called QUILD.net.

Visit QUILD.net today and learn about the improved Formula and many new Treatments!

Take Your Oral and Genital Herpes Treatment at Home!

You are looking for oral or genital herpes treatment that can be used from the comfort of your home? With the following Herpes-No.com herpes treatments, you can finally treat herpes effectively and fast.

Besides oral herpes and genital herpes treatments, we also have products to cure herpes zoster and Epstein Barr infections. Decide if you only want to treat yourself (single) or if you like to include your partner (couples) or (family).

Herpes Simplex Type 1
Oral Herpes Treatment
(Be FREE carefree Subscr.)

SingleSingle Person
Couplefor Couples
Familyfor Families

Oral Herpes
Cold Sore
Fever blister
Lip Herpes

Herpes Simplex Type 2
Genital Herpes Treatment
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SingleSingle Person
Couplefor Couples

Genital Herpes Cure

Zoster Treatment

Varicella Zoster Virus
(1 Month treatment)

SingleSingle Person


Epstein Barr Treatment

(2 Month treatment)

SingleSingle Person

Kissing disease, Glandular fever

Get your first herpes treatment running in less than 5 Minutes

The treatment at Herpes-No.com doesn’t involve any kind of ointments or pills. Our activated quantum frequencies are used online on this website.

You can enjoy them from the comfort of your sofa set.

Our technology will work for you in a wonderful way, that’s our promise.

Follow the five simple steps and activate your first treatment in less than 5 Minutes. Start now and see the first results within 24 hours.

  1. Select the treatment that fits your needs
  2. Follow the booking process
  3. Activate the treatment with your name(s)
  4. Watch closely what happen in the next 24 to 48 hours
  5. Get healed from herpes in the cleanest possible way
Again, don’t try to understand what we do, TRY IT OUT!

You have also never ask how a pill or an ointment works. So don’t start a new behavior on our method!

Herpes cure by Herpes-No.com
Try our Herpes-No.com Cure 7 Days for FREE

Enjoy the 7 Day trial completely for FREE and watch the RESULT

We know very well that our product is first hard to believe and understand.

That’s where our FREE trial comes in.

We like to take away all the questions, fears, and risks from you.

Our wish is that you try our wonderful technology and build your opinion based on visible results.

  • Don’t ask how it works… SIMPLY TRY IT!
  • When our codes “frequencies” don’t work they will of course not harm you
  • In a few years, this new method will be as normal as a pill or ointment
  • You are a few clicks away from a life-changing experience, DON’T MISS IT!
  • Herpes related pains will go within 24 to 48
  • Soon you will see the wounds drying up, the healing has begun

If we can’t convince you with the results within the 7 Days, you simply delete the account.

No costs, no risks, no pain. Make a step now!


Select the herpes treatment that fits your needs

As you may already have learned, our herpes treatments are a bit different.

Relax! In fact it was never easier to treat herpes then it is with our technology.

Consider the following steps to select the right herpes treatment

The herpes treatments on top of this page are our recommendation and best practice. As you are still new to our technology, you are well set by simply choosing one above.

When choosing the treatment for your herpes, consider the following three questions. We will guide you to the perfect match based on your needs.

What do you like to achieve with the herpes treatment?

Are you looking for a quick fix or for a real solution?

Our aim is to give our customers a lasting solution to end herpes outbreaks for good.

Who do you like to cover and protect with the herpes treatment?

Our technology allows us to cover and protect one or several persons in one go.

Decide whom you like to treat or protect with the herpes treatment:

  • Only Me - Herpes Treatment for one Person
  • Me and my partner - Herpes Treatment for Couples
  • My whole family – Protection and immune booster for Families
  • My dog, cat or horse has a herpes outbreak

Which type of herpes do you like to treat?

In most of the cases, our customers know the type of herpes they suffer from.

If you are not sure, consider checking on the herpes symptoms part of our site.

First herpes outbreak

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What Wikipedia says about "Herpes".

Boost immune system


You are looking for lasting results with our herpes treatment?

Use the standard subscription for continuous protection

When we talk about lasting results in cases of oral herpes (HSV-1) and genital herpes (HSV-2), we have to talk about two challenges.

Risk of reinfection with oral or genital herpes

Oral and genital herpes have generally very high risk of reinfection. Mingle with a new partner, you can be re-infected. Even reinfections inside a relationship are very common, as the timings where one partner is again infectious are differing. The virus moves on and spreads again within your loved ones.

We estimate our success rate at around 90%.

Your chances are high to end herpes outbreaks for good.

With our standard subscription, we aim to give you continuous protection and a steady push on your immune system to effectively fight recurring herpes outbreaks.

Week immune system of the patient

It is widely known that herpes outbreaks occur when your immune system is week. A flue, too much stress, alcohol and drug excess are triggers for the next herpes outbreak.

The standard subscription is a continuous running treatment.

Every Day we run the immune system boosting treatment in our infrastructure for you. This process is fully automated and doesn’t take your time. The treatments are executed two or three times a Day for 10 Minutes each, depending on the herpes type.

Our aim is to give you permanent protection and continuous boost of your immune system.

In most of the cases, that will end your herpes after a while for good.

Additional you will enjoy other health benefits. The permanently strengthened immune system will help you stay healthy. There is less room for flues or other viral and bacterial infections.

How do you use the standard subscriptions?

When we designed the service, we focused on giving our customers an easy time.

After the first registration the process is fully automated, but still leaves you in full control.

  • The standard subscription runs over a period of three month
  • In the end of a period, the subscription is renewed automatically
  • 7 Days before renewal, you will be informed by email and can decide what to do
  • In the member area you can manage your subscription at any time
  • Subscriptions can be paused, reactivated or completely terminated

Our monthly fees are affordable for everybody.

Consider the price for quality food that can boost your immune system in the same way.

Our offer is a cheap and highly valuable choice.

Herpes is curable
Side effects of herpes


Your herpes case is intense and you suffer since many Years

Relax and listen closely!

Many people got great results even after suffering from genital or oral herpes for many Years by using our service. Some suffered 20 and more Years, imagine that!

BUT… most likely your herpes won’t go overnight!

Here is our advice for the herpes treatment in extreme cases

Start with the standard subscription as described above and watch how it goes for at least three months.

Usually we get the following feedback:
  • During a herpes outbreak, the pains go very fast and give you great relief
  • The wounds are drying faster and don’t escalate so much as you are used to
  • There might be other outbreaks, but they appear softer and go faster
  • In many cases after two or three recurring, the herpes outbreaks stop for good

In around 10% of the extreme cases, the immune system of the patient is too week. The immune system can’t reach a given threshold to fight back on herpes. Reasons can be immune disorders, HIV, drug abuse and others.

When you belong to this group, you might have to consider our premium subscriptions.

Consider our premium subscription

The premium subscriptions are an extension of the standard subscriptions. The normal treatment process is equal to the standard subscription as described above.

Special tricks and remedies

Peter Baumann, the inventor of our technology has put some special tricks together. This remedies have proven to be helpful in such severe cases. He developed them over many Years in his practical place. There are different remedies given for the different types of herpes.

Kick start your immune system to enable self-healing capabilities

The premium advice is meant to give your immune system a kick start. It will help you reach the necessary threshold so that the treatment codes can work for you.

Herpes treatment at home for all herpes types

Stop your suffering now and use our oral or genital herpes treatment at home!

Change you life now!

You aren't doomed with herpes!

There is a way to successfully end your herpes and it's right here.

Do you have any questions?

We are always happy to help! Feel free to contact our support.