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It is simply unbelievable how this codes displayed on my computer completely cured my herpes. I don't understand it but quite frankly I don't care! I'm happy to be herpes free again and I can freely  mingle with peace of mind, knowing that I don't cause harm to others. Thank you, I highly recommend!



My genital herpes ruined my last relationship and I even infected him.

Would I have known about earlier, I would have maybe saved it.

I can't change the past, I can only pass my experience to other people with herpes and tell them to try this wonderful solution. It has worked fast and effective in my case and i like to recommend it to everyone. Thank you Herpes-no.



I visited a friend and without a shame he pointed at the pimples on my lips and asked, do you need help with your herpes? Yes of course, what can i do? He referred me to and confessed, that it worked fast and effective for him. On the same Day i tried it out and like a wonder, after 3 Days my lips were OK.


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Immediately after booking the online service, you provide your name and once it's in the system, the first treatment starts at once.

The quantum tech healing codes displayed on a computer activate an energy field to strengthen your immune-system. Your body will be enabled to heal it self.

We will run this treatment in our infrastructure twice a Day. Usually after 24 to 48 hours, the pain will be gone, the wounds dry up and the healing takes effect.

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Peter Baumann

A few Years ago, I talked to Peter Baumann about the pain and hardship I saw in herpes support groups all over and how the resignation on their Herpes infections was hitting them.

We went through some posts and he agreed with me that we should do something for them. The healing codes have worked fine on his patients and they can also work for other patients remotely from whichever part of the world they're in.

We made it our personal mission to simply end this needless suffering for good; and that was the starting point of You can use it now to get rid of your herpes once and for all! Try it out!

Andreas Koller

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First I was a bit ignorant, i couldn't imagine that the solution to my problem is so easy to get. The people said always, that there is now cure for herpes. My best friend had to push me so hard to try it out. And then my problem, which i saw to be so big, went away within 4 Days.

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   Did you know? 

If you are infected with HSV-1 or HSV-2 you can easily pass the infection to people around you through the skin to skin contact even when symptoms are not present.


If you have any concerns, please ask us we will reply within few hours.