ATTENTION: Severe Herpes Infection Risk

The herpes infection risk is very high, but not only lurking where you might think! We show you what you need to consider and how to get a quick solution to the problem in case of a possible infection with the technology.


Herpes infection risk? Or do you already carry the herpes?

First of all, it is important to know that, according to a WHO report, around 2/3 of the world's population already carry HSV-1 or HSV-2 herpes. So that means if you have a blister on your lip tomorrow, you should not sue yesterday's companion right away.

The outbreak of herpes is usually due to a weak immune system, a flu, stress, sun, etc. can also initiate an outbreak.


Herpes infection risk generally very high

An acute herpes infection risk exists in the following cases

  • Herpes infection risk by kissing or simply touching
  • Oral sex can spread a cold sore on the sex organs and thus lead to genital herpes
  • In contrast, genital herpes can be transmitted to the mouth through oral sex
  • Also simply the sweat of an affected person can infect another with herpes
  • Even a handshake from an infected person can pass on the herpes virus


Herpes infection risk


Herpes Infection Risk in the family or in relationships

From these facts, it is obvious that the herpes infection in relationships or in the family to the children can happen very easily, you do not even have to be ruthless.


Our recommendation to reduce the herpes infection risk

By using our herpes treatments, you can be sure after a few days that you will not pass the herpes on to your friends, your partner or your children.


The Benefits of Treatments to reduce Herpes Infection Risk

During this process, it makes sense to use our partners and families offers. By treating your partner or the whole family at the same time, you make sure that your herpes is eradicated.

HSV-1 treatment for couples and families

HSV-2 treatment for couples


Reduces Herpes Infection Risk and End re-infections

In a nutshell, our promise is that you can reduce the herpes infection risk to almost zero after or during a herpes outbreak.

Of course, this does not exclude a new herpes infection from the outside. The herpes infection risk remains very high and can only be ensured by a continuous herpes-no treatment.

So if you want to get rid of your herpes, try off. The first 7 days are free and allow you to gain a first positive experience without risk.

Herpes is now curable and we'll show you how it works ...Treatment Area

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