Is Herpes curable? Yes, and we show you HOW!

Often we are asked if herpes is curable. Also in forums and information pages, the question"is herpes curable?" often asked. Contrary to popular opinion, our answer is YES, herpes is curable in a strengthened immune system and we will show you what we mean.


What exactly is meant by herpes curable?

The key to make herpes curableI think we have to go back and define what "herpes curable" means when we talk about herpes.

Can we cure herpes by treating the wounds and relieving the pain, or from a "sustainable herpes cure"?

Of course, in the first instance, the pain relief and wound healing, which in an outbreak of lips herpes, genital herpes, but also the acute herpes types such as the EBV Epstein Barr virus or the VZV varicella zoster virus (shingles) can be very unpleasant on the onset of the herpes infection.

Removing the herpes pathogen from the body

We go one step further. At we understand herpes curable to be the process of controlling the outbreak first, but then removing the infection from the patient's body so that no further outbreaks take place.

Of course, herpes curable only up to re-infection

Unfortunately, the definition of herpes curable at, of course, is valid only for as as long as until the patient gets re infected. Unfortunately, this is easily possible due to the high prevalence in the world population. The acute herpes infection risk is permanent, in the family, relationship or just by touching another person, maybe in a club where body fluids may be exchanged.

Two-thirds of the world's population carries herpes simplex

It is important to know that, according to WHO, more than two-thirds of the world's population has a herpes simplex infection, which generally can break out at any time. The WHO Website has an interesting contribution.

An outbreak of herpes is thus possible at any time when the immune system is weakened, flu, stress or sometimes too much sun.


Herpes curable in a strong immune system

When we make Herpes curable at using Quantum Tech-enabled treatment codes, we are not focusing on the herpes itself, but on strengthening the patient's immune system.

The basis for this is that herpes in a strengthened immune system has no place and normally can not break out.

Quantum Tech-activated treatment code make herpes curable

Herpes is curableThe Quantum Tech-activated treatment code is a still unknown innovation by a Swiss naturopath with Peter Baumann, who has developed and perfected them over the past 15 years.

These quantum tech treatment codes are activated by the mere display on a computer and positively modulate the patient's immune system. Strengthened by the immune system, the patient is then actually put in the position to free themselves of herpes. The immune system is strong enough to eliminate the pathogen and thus herpes is curable. Also check out the video by Peter Baumann on this topic.

This may sound a bit crazy or unbelievable to you at first, but it has been tried and perfected by us for many years. The concept of quantum tech codes is simply based on the fact that all energy is in the universe. It is about activating the energy properly to strengthen the immune system.

Do you have a herpes infection and want to get rid of it?

You do not have to understand everything now and you do not have to believe it. Our technology works even if you can not believe it, we are not a spiritual faith community, we have a technology. You also do not ask how the pill or ointment is prescribed by the doctor but you can check the existing treatments with Many other groundbreaking technologies are coming to this world. Quantum technology in healthcare is one of them and, in our humble opinion, will greatly change healthcare.


Make herpes curable now and strengthen your immune system

Treatment with is easy. Treatment with the Quantum Tech Codes can start in just 5 minutes. Learn more about the course of treatment with

Other methods to strengthen the immune system

Aside from the methods described above, of course, any method that boosts the immune system is beneficial to your body. Eat healthy, do sports, do not smoke and avoid stress, these are known keys to a great life and make a lot of sense.

I would like to suggest the following links:


If herpes is curable, are there side effects?

Yes, there are side effects and they are really great !!!

As stated above, our treatment is based on strengthening the immune system. This means for you that you are also less susceptible to influenza and the like due to the strengthened immune system. We promise you this side effect.

I myself have a permanent treatment for my entire family and we have found that we almost never catch a flu. This is very pleasing and confirms to that our treatments actually work!

At the same time, the continuous subscriptions also ensure that no new infections can creep in with herpes.

Herpes made curable for your partner and the whole family

In our offers you will find products for couples and for families. The idea behind it is based on the fact that herpes carries an acute herpes infection risk in itself.

If your partner also has a herpes infection, you can get infected immediately after the treatment. A treatment for couples, ensures the health in the group.

Who is the man who makes herpes curable?

Peter Baumann makes herpes curableThe technology used at is the result of research by Peter Baumann, a natural health practitioner from Switzerland. Peter Baumann has developed and perfected the underlying technology in his work of the last 25 years as a naturopath. For more than 10 years, he has been successfully applying the Quantum Tech based treatment codes in his practice and enjoys a very satisfied clientele.

Peter Baumann has been involved in the development of various naturopathic remedies over the years and has developed various diagnostic and treatment concepts.


Try FREE for 7 days

If you are still in unbelief, which is perfectly understandable, we have good news for you. In the event of a herpes outbreak, you can test our product completely for free for 7 days and see how it works for you.

5 years ago, I was also confused about Peter's healing codes on the computer

When I met Peter Baumann about 5 years ago, I was also very surprised when he told me about codes on a computer. I also had to first find out for myself that it works.

This is quite a while back and for me it is a proven thing that the Quantum Tech healing codes work. And honestly, I do not care how it works,the important thing is that  herpes has now become curable.

Our quality control according to Dr. med. Omura

Dr. Omura O-Ring TestIn order to verify the quality of the treatment, Peter Baumann uses a method called Bi Digitale Resonanzdiagnostik (Dr. Omura.)

This procedure allows us to do spot checks on our customers to see if the treatment has really worked. This gives us more security and ensures your success in treatment.

Is the treatment approved?

Yes and no! Yes, for the people who have tried it is now recognized and we get many confirmations from our customers that herpes is curable.

But, herpes therapy belongs as well as e.g. Homeopathy, acupuncture and other natural remedies in the field of medical expertise. Please note our disclaimer. We point out that the therapy should not replace the course to the naturopath or doctor.



Today I was able to tell you a lot about a little-known healing method. We are aware that you may need to digest this first. After the many years in which I got to know the success of the method of Peter Baumann, I have only ONE ADVICE for you:

If you are looking for fast pain relief and effective and sustainable wound healing...

Do not ask yourself how it works, just believe me and try it for 7 days for free !!!


Try it NOW ...

It will be worth it for you ....

Greetings from Team

Andreas Koller und Peter Baumann

We are also available for questions or you could check out our FAQ.

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