Reject cookies and the benefits of GDPR

GDPR implementation at

We analyzed the new GDPR legislation valid since May 25, 2018 and implemented various new functions in our website

  • You can reach our GDPR expert Andreas Koller using the email address
  • You can review, download and delete your personal data at any time yourself.
  • Our detailed data protection regulations can be found in the imprint and data privacy section of our website.
  • Below you will find a list of cookies used on our site. If you are afraid of it, we recommend that you leave the site immediately. In this case we suggest you follow also the recommendations below for your protection.

Cookies used on

The cookies that you should accept here on our site is almost certainly the smallest risk to your privacy. We use the following cookies to ensure the correct functioning of our website.

  • Polylang Language Session-Cookie (pll_language)
  • Google Analytics Statistic Cookies (_gat, _gid, _ga)
  • WooCommerce Session Cookie for processing in the online shop (Session Cookie)
  • Stripe payment provider Cookie for credit card processing (Session Cookie)
  • Ad Cookie (390 Tage)

Our recommendation for your personal privacy

We all need to learn that our modern communication and all the great little helpers work so well because they can analyze our behavior to serve us better. If you are afraid of this development, you must immediately part with all the following things!

Do not take the recommendations too seriously! Above all, the recommendation should show that you expose yourself to far greater risks every day than a cookie at


ATTENTION: Modern communication is dangerous for your personal privacy
  • Destroy your smartphone IMMEDIATELY or avoid its use
  • Destroy your VLAN to prevent unnecessary radiation
  • Delete Skype, Facebook Messenger and all other communication tools from your computer
  • Cancel your Internet connection service and delete all browsers from your computer
  • Delete your Facebook, Google, SnapChat, and all other accounts
  • Destroy your SmartTV along with all other smart devices in your home
  • Destroy your credit cards and other bonus cards
  • Remove your navigation system from your vehicle
  • Avoid all modern equipment and return to the Stone Age
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