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How to Cure Herpes using New Kind of Method

Here, we explain the course of the treatment process with Herpes-No.com, what the service costs are and what you have to do to get the therapy.

Treatment process

What type of Herpes do you have?

Under Herpes Treatments you will find an overview of the various services offered grouped according to herpes types and the treatment process to cure it. Herpes-NO.com has developed elaborate treatment processes for (HSV-1) fever blisters, (HSV-2) genital herpes, (VZV) varicella zoster virus and (EBV) Ebstein-Barr virus.

If you are not sure which type of herpes you have, compare the symptoms with the pictures in our symptoms overview. We explain the treatment process in detail.

If you suffer from (HSV-1) fever blisters or (HSV-2) genital herpes, it makes sense to include your partner or the whole family in the treatment process. The course of the treatment process is almost the same, but treats your partner or the whole family just as well. Since herpes is very contagious,  you can avoid transmitting the condition to your partner when you opt for the partner treatment package as part of your treatment process.

Herpes treatment booking

Before you embark on your herpes treatment process, you will be required to select the appropriate service, place the product in the shopping cart and pay via credit card, Paypal or, if desired,Bitcoin.

Immediately after the successful order, you will receive an order confirmation with the link to the Herpes-No.com member area on our website.

Herpes treatment process

Click the link and open the members 'area. If necessary, you must log in with the previously given username and password before you are forwarded automatically to the members' area.

In the membership area, click on the booked subscription (red button) to enter your personal treatment area. This area varies slightly depending on the booked service. Follow the instructions of your individual subscription and confirm the name of the person/persons to be treated.

Beginning your herpes treatment process

When you have followed the steps, a BUTTON is displayed with the label "Start treatment". Clicking on the button opens the treatment window, which contains the name of the person/persons to be treated and the corresponding healing codes.

The treatment window will remain visible for 10 minutes on your computer. When the treatment window closes, the treatment is completed. Depending on herpes type and intensity, this process is repeated several times. Follow the instructions for your herpes type in your subscription.

This process will strengthen your immune system and the body will be able to independently heal the herpes infection. Is that all, you ask? YES, try it out and watch out for the result. THIS IS OUR PROMISE!

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure the screen remains active !!!

For the success of the treatment, it is essential that the screen remains visible during this time. If you are using a screen saver, deactivate it or, by moving the mouse, make sure the screen is active. This also applies to the use of a PAD or mobile phone.

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For (HSV-2), (VZV) and (EBV) please refer to our premium services.

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