Quantum Technology activated treatment codes allow us to modulate the immune system of the patient. This invention by Peter Baumann has proven to be highly effective and was able to help many people in the last Years.

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Quantum technology can strengthen the immune system

We are using the Herpes-No.com quantum technology a new way of treating herpes infections.

Quantum Technology

The principle is simple. With our technology we activate the entire immune system of the patient so that it can eliminate the herpes virus independently. This means that we have been able to directly access the immune system via various special (quantum physical) codes.

The Herpes-No.com quantum technology helps people to heal themselves by strengthening the immune system.

The codes activate an already existing quantum field

The codes are the key to activate an already existing quantum field, which in turn has access for the immune modulation.

The immune system is strengthened

By modulating with our quantum technology, the immune system is activated so strongly that the healing process is initiated. Man thus heals himself, is that not the best way of healing?

In cases of persistent herpes infections, very severe herpes outbreaks, or weak immune systems, the desired outcome does not always occur. These cases require additional immune-assisting measures in addition to Herpes-No.com treatment. Any accompanying therapies that support the immune system are now in demand. The Herpes-No.com premium offer contains proven recommendations to support the immune system.

No exposure to electromagnetic fields

When using Herpes-No.com quantum technology, the body is not exposed to electromagnetic fields but is activated by a quantum field. The quantum field can only trigger a reaction when it is in resonance with the herpes infection. If there is no resonance, nothing can change.

Our quantum technology has no side effects

By using the Herpes-No.com quantum technology method, you cannot harm your body in any way when treating your herpes infections, therefore you do not run any risk of adverse side effects; that's our guarantee.

We humans can not understand many technologies, nevertheless, we use them every day.

If you have had a herpes infection for a long time, try Herpes-No.com NOW!

Quantum Tech, quantum computers, quantum healing are just big buzzwords

The word "quantum tech" is currently being used by various different groups in different fields of technology, but also in the spiritual environment. Whether it is Google, NASA, or IBM with the quantum computer or physicist who research quantum physics and makes new theses.

We see Herpes-No.com clearly as a technological and not a spiritual activity. You do not have to hold any beliefs for our technology to work for you. For the last 10 years, our team has studied the fundamental quantum physical laws and developed the technology that we proudly present to you today.