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Is Herpes Curable?

Our answer is YES, Herpes is curable and we show you HOW!

In this post we have the answer to the question is herpes curable. We will give you an easy and straight forward step-by-step process to end herpes for good. End your herpes outbreak now in the fastest and cleanest way!

Contrary to the popular opinion, We claim here that Herpes is curable in a strengthened immune system

Herpes is curable in a strengthened immune system and we will show you how. Achieve fast and lasting results with our NEW natural cure for herpes. The HelperOne method will boost immune system strength to fight any herpes outbreak.

Welcome to Herpes-No.com!

You have made a great step towards ending your herpes.

In this post, we are determined to give you everything you need to end your lip herpes / oral herpes or genital herpes for good.

But before we go there, we like to point some light to different corners and myths surrounding herpes and possible herpes cures.

First of all RELAX! You aren’t doomed with your herpes infection. Herpes is curable!

Not like other websites, we have a real solution to treat your herpes infection.

We don’t sell other eBooks, vitamins, ointments, or even pills. All the information that you get in a paid eBook, we will give you right here FOR FREE.

Proceed reading and we will bring you to the point, where you will make the right decision to fight herpes with a new kind of cure.

In this article…

  • Is herpes curable? The ultimate herpes roundup knowledge!
  • How is the herpes virus transmitted?
  • The risks and danger of avoiding herpes treatment
  • Is herpes curable if caught early?
  • Boost the immune system to fight herpes effectively
  • Ways to cure herpes for good
  • Your first herpes outbreak? What you should do NOW!
  • Is herpes for life? No, herpes is curable now when you follow the right steps.
  • Unconventional natural cure for herpes gives hope
  • Herpes statistic by WHO
  • Risks of herpes reinfection and possible percussion's
  • Side effects of herpes conventional treatments
  • Good and bad foods that affect the herpes healing process
  • The difficulty level of treatment for the common herpes types


What you will get in this ultimate "is herpes curable" roundup article

We will answer the question; is herpes curable once and for all. You will get plenty of information surrounding herpes and its treatment and cure. But more important, we offer you to test our NEW Natural Cure for Herpes 7 Days completely FOR FREE. You can prove the results on your own and it will work from the comfort of your house.

Ok, let’s dive in...



How is the herpes virus transmitted?

The herpes virus 1 (oral herpes, cold sores, lip herpes, fever blister) and herpes virus 2 (genital herpes) is passed on through sexual contact. Reduce the risk by using condoms during sexual contact. Oral sex can cause genital herpes. Even a simple skin to skin contact in a congested place like a club, where people sweat, can transmit herpes to your body and moves on.

Average herpes incubation time of 4 Days

The average incubation period for an initial herpes infection is 4 days after exposure. We talk about a range of 2 to 12 Days. So when you get herpes today, don’t blame directly your date from yesterday night. You might do her or him wrong.

The herpes virus travels along nerves

Once the herpes virus in inside your body, the virus travels along nerves or sometimes lying dormant. When it travels to the surface of the skin, it can cause painful reactions.

A different story are the herpes virus type 3, also called zoster virus and the very disturbing herpes type 4 called Epstein Barr Virus. In this article we like to refer this to types to another page, as they usually react differently. To determine the type of herpes you have, take a look  at our herpes symptoms page, where we show all kind of symptoms of herpes in picture galleries.


We offer cures for herpes with Herpes-No.com for all the four common herpes types HSV-1, HSV-2, VZV and EBV.
Herpes outbreak


The risks and danger of avoiding herpes treatment?

Being diagnosed with herpes doesn’t feel good and may feel embarrassing. But face it, avoiding herpes treatment can lead to even more and stronger herpes outbreaks. You might even transmit the herpes to your partner, family and friends.

Couples with herpes have a high risk on infection within the relationship

There is a big problem in herpes infections in couples. Couples with herpes are in permanent risk to reinfect each other. We suggest that couples use a treatment that can boost immune system for both at the same time.

Take a look at the following two treatments:

Elevated risk for people with a compromised immune system

Especially people with a compromised immune system, HIV or lupus, and people undergoing chemo, should be very careful. Without a strong immune system that can fight the herpes infection, the herpes virus can result in more severe herpes outbreaks. The rashes and open sores give room to other serious infections to enter the body.

We offer fast aid in the fight of a first herpes outbreak. But we also give hope to herpes victims that suffer since many years.


Is herpes curable if caught early?

Herpes is anyway curable, but starting treatment early reduces the time of pain and wound development overall.

  • Obviously to get rid of big wounds, will take longer
  • The risk to spread the herpes can be reduced by an early treatment
  • Herpes related pains and fatigue are controlled before getting ugly

Start curing herpes early and shorten the healing process

Is herpes curable if caught early, is a very common question in forums and social media. Our strong advice is, start the herpes treatment as early as possible to reduce the herpes outbreak duration. When you feel the first each on your lips, your genitals, where ever, consider starting the herpes treatment immediately.

The first herpes infection or another recurring herpes outbreak, early treatment is shortening the healing process and related pains.


The same applies to the use of our Herpes-No.com herpes cure. Using the technology on a permanent base will limit the chance of recurring Herpes outbreaks.
Boost immune system


Boost immune system to fight herpes effectively!

When there is one ultimate advice surrounding the control an herpes outbreak, than it will be the boost of your immune system. The general rule is, that there will be unlikely a herpes outbreak in a healthy and strong immune system.

Our main mission at Herpes-No.com is exactly that. The quantum fields are an effective way to boost your immune system.

But also consider the following lifestyle advice…
  • Boost immune system with healthy food and reduce factory processed foods wherever possible
  • By living healthy, doing sports or going for a walk, you can also boost your immune system
  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep and make power naps to boost immune system
  • Don't smoke and don’t do drugs and alcohol, your immune system will be happy
  • Reduce or avoid stress when ever possible. Be happy and your immune system will be too
  • Boost immune system by the use of Herpes-No.com quantum technology

Take it as a rule for a good live. You can’t take care enough about your immune system. This will also help you to reduce other illnesses like flues and others.


Boosting your immune system is in the center of our herpes treatment. We don’t treat your herpes! We boost your immune system, so that your body can heal itself from herpes and other illnesses.

With Herpes-No.com is Herpes curable!

Ways to cure herpes for good

“cure herpes for good” is a big wish and a big word. Of course, everyone would wish to get rid of herpes for good. But there are some challenges to face! As indicated above, the best chance to get rid of recurring herpes outbreaks is a strong immune system and a healthy lifestyle.

As we are living in a hectic and not always perfect world, it sometimes might be hard to maintain this kind of life.

Don't stop enjoying life! Enjoying life is important to feel good.

Sometimes we like to have some fun, taking a drink or two, going out late, there is nothing wrong in that. Sometimes the pressure of our jobs or family tasks is taking the strength away from our body. Healthy food is not always available and sometimes also quite expensive to maintain permanently.

So what is the easy way to stay healthy for good?

Protect yourself and your loved ones with the Herpes-No.com herpes treatments on a Daily base. The process is automated and compared to daily quality food very affordable.

By using our herpes cure, you will never ask again "is herpes type 1 curable" or "is herpes type 2 curable". The question of why is herpes not curable will not longer be there.

First herpes outbreak


Your first herpes outbreak? What you should do NOW!

Stay cool and relax, there is an effective way to cure herpes and it’s right here!

But first, we are very sorry for your herpes diagnosis! For some people, a positive herpes diagnosis is like seeing the end of the world. IT IS NOT!!!

To google the topic herpes doesn’t make things better. In the opposite, most sources in the internet still indicate herpes as a life sentence. AND IT ISN’T!!! THERE IS A HERPES CURE!

Ok, don’t feel too bad, there are good news.

To end herpes directly at the first herpes outbreak with our technology is usually fast and will last. Consider starting today with a three month immune system boosting program and the chances are good, that it won’t come back.

When the herpes reappears, it would mean that you might have re-infected yourself again from someone. Or, your immune system wasn’t boosted enough the first time to fight back.

What you can expect from our new kind of herpes cure

In the next few Days, you will experience several steps of improvement. Usually the pains related to the herpes infection will go within 24-48 hours and the wounds start healing within 48-72 hours. Act fast and end your first herpes outbreak now for good.


Customers that suffer the first herpes outbreak in their life experience very fast results.


Is herpes for life? No, herpes is curable now when you follow the right steps.

Some of our customers have carried genital herpes for 20 or even 30 Years. That’s a long way of suffering and it has taken there life quality for too long.

Our herpes treatment success rate is higher then 90%

In more than 90% of the cases, our quantum tech herpes treatment improved their situation drastically and fast. It definitely takes longer to rebuild a weekend immune system, but usually the recurrences of the herpes outbreaks are softer and less painful. After some time, the time between the outbreaks is increasing and in best case, the outbreaks will stop completely.

  • Reduce the number of herpes outbreaks
  • Reduce the pain related to the herpes infection
  • Speedup wound healing
  • Boost immune system over a longer period of time for best results

Unfortunately there are also cases, where the immune system of the patient is simply to week. Maybe an immune system illness like HIV or others are limiting the success of the patient. Is herpes curable in such cases? In a damaged immune system, it will be hard to end herpes completely.

When you are suffering chronicle herpes disease, try our service for 3 month and review the results. The chances are high that your situation will improve drastically.


Natural cure for herpes gives hope!

At Herpes-No.com, we treat herpes infections with quantum tech based frequencies. The frequencies are represented by codes on our website. When you book a herpes treatment, you will be able to see this codes on our website and you can do your own treatment online.

That sounds unreal for you?

It also did for me when I had my first experience with the technology around 6 Years ago in the practical place of Peter Baumann.

My Mother recommended Peter Baumann to me after a positive experience she had with him. Suggested by my mum, there was no reason to question his “unconventional way” to treat me. I decided to simply give it a try and it worked out perfectly for me with very fast results.

The main advice I like to give you is:

  • Don’t ask to many questions, simply try it out
  • Don’t try to understand how this codes work, you also don’t do that when you are given a pill or an ointment, you simply believe in your doctor
  • Understand, that when this codes can’t help you, they will also not harm you with any kind of side effects
  • Take our 7 Day free trial offer for good and get your first experience, you won’t be disappointed
  • Make yourself free from herpes and start enjoying life again
Herpes-No.com is not using any ointments or pills and has guaranteed no side effects!

Herpes Simplex Type 1
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SingleSingle Person
Couplefor Couples
Familyfor Families

Oral Herpes
Lip Herpes
Cold Sores
Fever Blister

Herpes Simplex Type 2
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SingleSingle Person
Couplefor Couples

Genital Herpes

Varicella Zoster Virus
(1 Month treatment)

SingleSingle Person


(2 Month treatment)

SingleSingle Person

Kissing disease, Glandular fever


Herpes statistic from 2015 by WHO

Our roundup around herpes wouldn’t be complete without some herpes statistic.

Generally we like to say, don’t feel bad when you catch an herpes infection. Globally more than estimated two-thirds of the world population is infected with herpes simplex virus type 1 (oral herpes, lip herpes, cold sore).

We like to refer you to a comprehensive herpes statistic published by WHO in 2015. The WHO statistic gives you a wide overview about the spread of genital herpes and oral herpes within man and woman in different age groups.

It is highest time to try new ways to limit the spreading of herpes

As the conventional medicine (big pharma) has no real herpes treatment in the market, why not trying something new? We find it is time to give our new and still unknown technology at Herpes-No.com a chance. Today, WHO would still answer the question "is herpes curable" with NO. Our kind of treatment is simply not fitting in normal kind of evaluations of a product. So it is on you to try it!

With Herpes-No.com is herpes curable!

As we don’t use any substances on your body, Herpes-No.com has guaranteed no side effects. It’s worse trying it to end the spreading and suffering around this disturbing illness called herpes for good.
Herpes reinfection


Risks of herpes reinfection and possible percussion's

The risk of a herpes reinfection without any percussion's is quit high. Herpes spreads between couples, in families, even from humans to animals very fast.

What can trigger a herpes reinfection?

  • A weekend immune system by a flue
  • To much stress
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Missing sleep
  • A simple kiss
  • Sexual intercurse
  • Oral sex


Boost your immune system now, we can’t repeat that enough. It’s the most effective way to stop herpes reinfections and of course also the spreading of the herpes disease.

With Herpes-No.com is herpes curable!

We recognized the problem of herpes reinfections within your loved ones. That is the reason why we invented the herpes couple and family treatments. With this percussion, we limit the spread and reinfection and increase the general health status within your family.


Side effects of herpes conventional treatments

The common known herpes medications can have side effects that range from unpleasant to seriously dangerous to your overall health status.

Valtrex possible side effects

Valtrex can cause nausea and headaches in addition to dizziness and fatigue.

Acyclovir possible side effects

Acyclovir on the other side can cause dizziness or fatigue that can make it difficult to get on with your everyday life. Driving can be dangerous under this drug.

Some patients may have severe reactions to these medications;

such as confusion and hallucinations, kidney problems, seizures, and vision problems. It is crucial to speak with your doctor immediately if you are having serious side effects with your herpes medication. Pregnant women should anyway consult a doctor before using one of this herpes treatments.

The mentioned medicines are only reducing the suffering, they don't heal herpes!

Herpes medications like ointments are not solving the herpes infection as such. Why should you take the unnecessary risks of side effects of herpes. You can control your herpes outbreak, the herpes related pains and disturbing wounds by using our herpes treatment. Herpes-No.com can do the job completely without the use of other ointment, pills or natural remedies.


The inventor of the our technology is a natural doctor. He’s focus is always on finding ways to treat his patients in a clean and save way. Boosting of your immune system is the Holy Grail to increase health and fight the herpes disease.
Side effects of herpes


Good and bad foods that affect the herpes healing process

We focus here on our Herpes-No.com technology and refer you for food related advice to other websites. We like to refer you to the “food to avoid with herpes” and “foods that can help you cure herpes” summaries already available.

Consider taking a look at the following references.


Peter Baumann is working since more than 20 Years as a natural doctor. In our premium offers, we compiled some special remedies that have shown great results in his practical work!

Are herpes curable or is there no cure for herpes?

You reached the end of this ultimate herpes roundup. What have you learned? Is herpes curable or is there no cure for herpes?

If you still carry a herpes infection and you didn't try our Herpes-No.com herpes cure, there might be some reasons!

What are you waiting for?
  • Maybe deep in you, you like suffering herpes and you ignore good advice?
  • You even ignore our offer to try our herpes cure for 7 Days for FREE?
  • Or is your mind set in a way that the only source for health is a pill or an ointment from "Big Pharma"

Well, as my final word i can only advice you to give it a trial.

Herpes-No.com has helped many and it can also help you!

If you have any questions that are not answered in this article, we are here for you. You can contact us anytime using our contact form.

I hope to here from you soon...

Thank you

Your Herpes-No.com Team