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Herpes Cure Breakthrough Changes the Future of Mankind!

We are excited to introduce you today to the herpes cure breakthrough of a Swiss team of scientists that might change the world. Their invention might change the future of mankind and how we cure herpes and other illnesses overall.


But let’s focus on the herpes cure breakthrough!

We like to present to you today a valid cure that works fast, effective, and in many cases in a lasting manner.

Herpes cure breakthrough

What we introduce to you today is the result and conclusion of a herpes cure research and general viral and bacterial research over the last 20 Years. The inventor named Peter Baumann and his team is using a new kind of technology that has shown great results in more than 90% of the patients.

And now, for the first time, you can use his technology right here!

Our aim on this website is not to talk about herpes cure research! We will give you a real solution to cure your herpes of all types with this new kind of technology.

And the best of all is, you can start it today from the comfort of your sofa set.

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In this article…

  • What is the herpes cure breakthrough all about?
  • Herpes cure research in the past and now!
  • Why you should open your mind for some mind-blowing staff!
  • Who is Peter Baumann, the inventor of the most promising herpes cure 2017?
  • The Swiss team of scientist is not alone on their mission!
  • How can you benefit from the herpes cure breakthrough?
Herpes healing


What is the herpes cure breakthrough all about?

The technology behind Herpes-No.com is the result of several inventions and more than 20 Years of research by Peter Baumann and his team. Peter Baumann is a naturopathic doctor and scientist from Switzerland.

At Herpes-No.com we offer herpes treatments for the four common herpes types.

We use quantum tech principals in our work and apply those using codes or better frequencies.

When you book a herpes cure, you will see these codes on your computer. But they are also used in our treatment platform automatically to activate and modulate your immune system every day twice. That’s how we get lasting results over time.

Herpes cure has proven effective for many Years

Peter proved his technology first for many Years in his practical working place. Since more than 5 Years, the treatment of herpes and other viral and bacterial infections is mainly based on the quantum tech codes. And now since July 2017 you can use this great technology online at Herpes-No.com.

During this time he was able to gain a lot of experience and improve the technology continuously. It was late 2016, after having the plan for Herpes-No.com for quite some time, where he gave me the green light, that the technology now has reached the level, that we can bring it to a website and make it available to the world.

Mouth to mouth recommendation are spreading the word

His practical workplace is every day packed with patients that found their way by mouth to mouth recommendations. Often, people that tried everything else, find help with his technology.

And here we are!

The greatest herpes cure 2017 is available for you, ONLINE

Herpes cure research


Herpes cure research in the past and now!

What I blame Big Pharma for, is there general concept of curing symptoms and not the cause. Isn’t it wrong, to produce medicine that has its focus on your herpes related wounds and pains. Beside of the fact that many of this medicines come with several side effects, they are not a real cure.

Let’s change the way we attend to herpes healing!

Should we not focus more on the real cause of the illness and come up with a herpes cure that can last?

Vaccines are controversial

I personally have a problem with vaccines. There are too many funny stories today surrounding vaccine’s, which make me feel like a lab rat. At Herpes-No.com we go other ways.

We present you a clean and lasting herpes cure!

Our research for herpes has its focus on the simple concept that in a strengthened immune system is less room for herpes. We consider the human body and the world we are living in as perfectly designed. The technology that we present to you today is an enabler for your general health and body strength.


Why you should open your mind for some mind-blowing stuff!

You are having your first herpes outbreak or you suffer recurring herpes outbreaks already since long. Since you were reading about possible ways to cure herpes, you were thought that you are doomed for a lifetime and that herpes is not curable.

Herpes is curable in a healthy and strong immune system, that’s where we start from.

Are you ready to try something new and experience a mind-blowing new world?

Let me ask you a question?
  • Does it make sense to ignore the most promising herpes cure 2017?
  • Can you afford to think, something like this can’t be possible? Healing with codes is nonsense, even when you are offered to try it for FREE?
  • How would it feel after 3 more years of suffering, being taught that our herpes cure is THE real thing and you suffered too long for nothing?
  • Why wouldn’t you register now and already in 24 hours you will see the change happen? You don’t even have to leave your house or use dangerous medicine!
  • Wouldn’t it be really stupid to miss out on the given opportunity to try the most promising herpes cure 2017 FOR FREE?

Human being tends to be scared about something they never heard about.

I completely get that!

Some people even believe, that what is not approved by FDA, can’t be good.

We are brainwashed since childhood to run to the doctor, when we are sick. We are thought, you have to take pills to get better.

But there are some problems in that FDA concept

  • Herpes-No.com with its quantum tech codes is not a medicine that can cause side effects.
  • We don’t operate with substances that could harm you
  • It might take FDA even another decade to start evaluating what we are doing here
  • And the most critical point for me is, the track record of FDA approved medicine is not without questions. The statistic in USA proves more and more, that too many people are dying on subscribed drugs every year.

What we offer here is the cleanest possible way to treat herpes and other illnesses.

But before we offer you our 7 Day FREE trial herpes treatment, let me give you some more information about Peter Baumann.

Herpes cure
Peter Baumann - Inventor of new herpes cure

Peter Baumann


Who is Peter Baumann, inventor of the most promising herpes cure 2017

For over 25 Years, Peter Baumann is intensively involved in naturopathic healing. He was part of the development of various naturopathic remedies and new diagnosis and treatment concepts.

In the last 10 Years, he continuously developed a method called HelperOne. The HelperOne method allows him to diagnose patients using Bi digital resonance diagnostic. Based on this diagnosis, he can treat patients by the use of quantum tech frequencies (treatment codes). The codes activate the immune system of humans and animals and enable self-healing capabilities.

The technology used in many other areas

At his working place, he uses the technology far beyond only the cure of herpes. The focus lays at the moment around viral and bacterial infections, but it isn’t limited to that.

A strong team of scientists created the most promising herpes cure 2017

His work with a team of doctors, biologists, physicists, computer scientists, electronic engineers, and other scientists gave birth to the beautiful technology that I can present to you here today.

I’m very happy that I met this great and humble man around 6 Years ago. It makes me proud and happy to help to spread this wonderful new technology today together with him and his team.

The results of the herpes cure matters, you don't have to understand it

I confess I don’t understand how it works. But the results that I see on our customers are simply impressive. If you suffer herpes outbreaks and you are not satisfied with the results you get, please try our technology. Wonders are happening in this world and I would say, Herpes-No.com is one of them.

Peter Baumann has dedicated his life to this technology. He will not rest on the success we already have! More treatments in other areas will come out of his study and he is always on the job to improve the technology.


The Swiss team of scientist led by Peter Baumann are not alone on their mission!

There are a few more scientist that work in the same field. Maybe the most famous one is a Russian named Grigory Grabovoi. Peter Baumann’s technology is completely independent but based on the same quantum physics principals.

Grigory Grabovoi is dedicated to his technology as we are. Take your time and read about his work and life story. It’s an interesting journey he had. Today he works for the Russian Government in different fields.

herpes cure 2017


How can you benefit from the herpes cure breakthrough?

It is now time that you benefit from the most promising herpes cure 2017 and end your herpes for good.

And you won’t imaging how easy it is!

Take a step and follow the instructions. Your 7 Day FREE trial can be activated for you in less than 5 minutes.

Already tomorrow you will get the first results:

  • Pain will go within 24 to 48 hours
  • Wounds are drying up within 48 to 72 hours
  • The herpes healing process has started