Quality Control using Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

Today we would like to tell you something about the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, the diagnostic method we use.


Use of the Bi-Digital O-ring test in practical work

Dr. Omura Bi-Digital O-Ring TestPeter Baumann uses the so-called bi-digital O-ring test according to Dr. med. Omura on one side to diagnose the patient and on the other side to make sure after treatment that the desired result has been achieved.

In this way, the result of treatment with our quantum technology codes can be checked immediately after the 10 minute treatment has ended. The body of the patient already knows at this moment whether the treatment has struck.


Use of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test during the Herpes-No.com development phase

Before we officially launched Herpes-No.com, the technology was tested and optimized over a period of more than two years with acquaintances of ours. The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test helped us in this phase to identify herpes before treatment and to see if the treatment worked properly after treatment. In this way, over time we have been able to make various improvements to the technology and offer you a ready product today.

Use of the Bi-Digital O-ring Test for quality assurance

Since we are now online and dealing with customers, which of course we do not know and live far away, the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test can be used to ensure the quality. In this way, we ensure that the clients of Herpes-No.com get what we promise, that is an effective and clean treatment of herpes.


Here is some information what Wikipedia says about the Bi-Digital O-ring Test

A Bi-Digital O-ring Test (also Omura-ring test, Omura test, BD-Digital, sometimes also Peak Muscle Resistance Testing, PMRT) is a US patented diagnostic method, which represents another type of kinesiology. With the BDORT, reflexes of the finger muscles of a patient will allow statements about illnesses and over the compatibility of medicines etc. The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test is also used in regulatory diagnostics according to Klinghardt.


Basic shape and variants of the Bi-Digital O-ring Test

The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test method is based on a discovery by the New York-based physician Yoshiaki Omura (born March 28, 1934, Asahi-Machi, Japan) from the 1970s. Omura has found the following: In a patient, the thumb and e.g. If the middle finger of one hand closes into a circle (that is, forms an "O"), these fingers are more difficult to open by another person (the practitioner), ie, to unfold when the patient points with his other hand to a diseased organ. According to Omura, the BDORT has nothing in common with the very similar kinesiology, but has a very different basis. It is an "electromagnetic resonance test" based on principles of physics and physical chemistry.

Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

Various variants of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test method have been developed. The most important thing is that the patient holds in his free hand a drug or a potential allergen, while the practitioner determines by bending the "O" on the other hand of the patient, whether this substance is tolerated by the patient. There is also the indirect method: if, for example, the patient is too weak for the test, it can also be done on the fingers of a representative who is "electrically connected" to the patient. The BDORT should also be possible in such a way that the assistant shows with a laser pointer on the diseased organ of the patient or on an acupuncture point.

Our experience has shown that the test also works over distance by focusing on the target person. This approach has been confirmed over many years of practical work and is today a daily working tool.

Conclusion on the topic Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

The Bi-Digital O-Ring test sounds when you hear about it for the first time about as wild as our treatment method at Herpes-No.com, where we strengthen your immune system using quantum technology.

I recommend you to search for the keyword "Bi-digital O-ring test" in youtube.com and to watch one or the other video. This gives a much better insight into this wonderful procedure.

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