About us

We are a team of doctors, biologists, physicists, computer scientists, electronics engineers and other scientists. Together we have developed a new treatment, which we now make accessible to mankind with the Herpes-No.com platform.

Herpes-No.com is a project of Trentsetter GmbH

Trentsetter GmbH is in partnership with the various experts and has developed and operates the Herpes-No.com platform. Mr. Peter Baumann and Mr. Andreas Koller are signing responsible for the website Herpes-No.com.

Trentsetter GmbH

Seestrasse 205, Baech
Postfach 615
8832 Wollerau



Peter Baumann

Peter Baumann

Naturopath & Inventor

Therapy Team Leader


Andreas Koller

Andreas Koller

IT Consultant & CEO

Technology & Support


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