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   Herpes-No.com goes Quild.net

After serving our customers for more than 5 Years successfully here at Herpes-No.com, we are excited to present you with the highly improved NEXT GENERATION of Herpes Treatment called QUILD.net.

Visit QUILD.net today and learn about the improved Formula and many new Treatments!

Today is your lucky day!

Today you are most likely on our website because you are suffering from a herpes infection and the known and conventional herpes virus treatment didn't produce the desired results.

Today is your lucky day! We have a solution for you and the successful new herpes virus treatment is just minutes away. You do not even have to leave your house!

With this nouvelle technology based on quantum physical principles, we are able to successfully and effectively treat your herpes infections of all herpes types simply by strengthening your immune system.

The challenge for you here is to accept that our unconventional medical approach actually works! AND WE PROMISE YOU, IT IS REAL!

We treat your herpes infection

Our new herpes virus treatment will end your herpes infection with treatment-codes displayed on a computer.


Our technology, which today still sounds like something out of a SCI-FI movie, will be accepted as 'normal' in less than 10 years and will have reached and revolutionized many other areas of our lives in the same way mobile phones were just a dream for us 20 years ago. Today, they are literally our lives!

i also had a hard time believing it in the beginning beginning; but after trying it out, IT WORKS!. Go deeper into our website and we'll explain what it's all about.

Try it out Today

We would like to invite you to try it out Today. The technology has been developed and tested over many years. We worked on it tirelessly to ensure the fast and  effective treatment result for you. The treatment has COMPLETELY NO SIDE EFFECTS and will take care of your Herpes infection in no time!.

new herpes virus treatmentTo make it easier for you take our word, we have opted for 7 Day FREE TRIAL for all our products. So you have NO RISK ON YOUR SIDE.

Find out how it works NOW

People more easily believe a lie they've heard a hundred times than a truth
that is completely new to them. ALFRED POLGAR

Flexible Treatment Types

Herpes-No.com offers a range of highly effective tools to treat the different types of herpes HSV-1, HSV-2, VZV and EBV. The products work in a unique way, to stimulate and strengthen your immune-system to fight the herpes infection on your own.
Manual treatment
Our manual treatments are valid for 21 Days and designed to give you a first taste of what our Herpes-No.com technology can do for you. Try it out!
Automated treatment
In the standard and premium subscriptions, the herpes treatments are running automatically inside our infrastructure. After booking one of our services, you can relax and watch how your herpes is going away slowly by slowly.
Premium services
When you suffer an intensive infection of type HSV-2, VZV or EBV, you should consider to try one of our premium offers. The premium offers are coming with additional treatment advice and guidance and create additional value.
Meet the people behind the exciting Herpes-No.com product.
Peter Baumann
Peter Baumann

Therapeutic Teamleader

I make sure that your treament will be a success.

    Andreas Koller
    Andreas Koller

    Technical Implementation

    I'm responsible for your treatment experience.

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